Albany | Bahamas


Albany, Bahamas

Created by Tavistock Group, Tiger Woods and Ernie Els, Albany is nestled on approximately 600 oceanfront acres on southwest New Providence Island, Bahamas. Located five miles and seven minutes from Nassau’s international airport and two private airfields, Albany is easily accessible for direct flights from Canada, Europe, and the United States.

Albany introduces a new resort model to the Bahamas, recalling the time when resorts were full-fledged towns rather than overgrown hotels. While the 500-acre site includes a beautiful beach, this new town will not be entirely dependent on its waterfront for value. Rather, the development uses urbanism to create an environment that is lively, livable, and walkable. Albany is designed around an existing clubhouse, emulating the manner that villages once grew from outbuildings surrounding a farmhouse. The main square is lined with four- and five-story mixed-use buildings containing the greatest density and most activity. Next to the main square, an existing, unfinished harbor is upgraded to a full marina. The northern neighborhood is focused around an equestrian facility where larger lots form a series of “closes” that provide convenient access to the horse padding and stables. More informal spaces, such as playgrounds and playing fields of various sizes, are distributed throughout the site.

Project Team
Starr Sanford Design, Conceptual Architectural Design, Charrette
Tavistock Group, Earnie Els & Tiger Woods, Developer
Geoffrey Mouen, Town Architect
New Urban Guild, Design Charrette