is an architecture and interiors firm excelling in coastal vernaculars and versed in a range of aesthetic traditions. Our practice encompasses custom home design, historic renovation and restoration, boutique commercial design, and full interior design, including our furniture and home accessories line, Sublime Original.

Prominent in the emergence of the most celebrated, iconic urban planning communities worldwide, we draw universal principles from unique design experiences.

SENSUALLY SUSTAINABLE  Appreciative of numerous geographies, we study the salient history and context of each  site. Our homes in Rosemary Beach and Alys Beach along the majestic Gulf Coast express the spirit of the Caribbean Rim:  Colonial adaptation to sub-tropical climates. Using masonry and timber, the spaces are romantic, never nostalgic, imaginative yet timeless. In the Caribbean and Pacific, our projects push residential design out of the ordinary realm, invigorating classic expectations with modern forms. Cosmopolitan designs unite urbanity with serenity. Agrarian estates are inspired by pastoral customs. Engaging all of the senses, we create spaces for a life well-lived.

Homes throughout the South and along the Atlantic coast are distinctive in their attention to historical proportion and detail; the designs are distinguished by their old world techniques of wood joinery, heavy timber framing, and the grace of authentic detail, recognizing an environmentally sensitive approach to residential design with outdoor living spaces enhanced by natural climate control, verandas, balconies, large windows, and louvered shutters.

Through The Sky Institute—a collaboration of architects, planners, scientists, engineers, attorneys, food growers, and scholars who recognize stewardship of the land and its reserves and who work to transform theoretical models to practical solutions—we have produced extraordinary concepts that challenge the essence of dwellings, of subsistence, and of conservation.

Recent projects in Central America and the Bahamas represent explorations into actively sustainable construction through the incorporation of established regional practices.

LEGACY CONSTRUCTION  We emphasize fine craftsmanship as it promotes sustainability, as building well leads ultimately to building less, diminishing environmental impact. We take pride in the distinct artistry of each project, rejoicing in the rich diversity of our clients and our mutual intuitions.