Alys Beach | Florida


In the tradition of nearby Seaside and Rosemary Beach, Alys Beach is a model resort town – a place where the best concepts in town planning are applied to create an ideal urban experience in harmony with nature. The 158-acre site, which occupies the last piece of beachfront property on the Florida Panhandle, slopes slightly to the south and offers exceptionally long views to the water from many points inland. Seeking to achieve an overall feeling of calm and simplicity for the town, the design team turned to a number of sources for inspiration. The simple volumes of whitewashed masonry and stucco typical of the Bermuda style possesses an uncomplicated, organic beauty. Buildings are grouped into small compounds and unified by perimeter walls, which are higher and more formal in the urban zones, lower and more rustic in the rural areas. The Bermuda style is combined with a patio house type that originated in Antigua and a courtyard building type that came from California.

Project Team
Starr Sanford Design, Conceptual Architectural Design, Charrette and Architect of 1st Model Home
Julia Starr, Sanford, Michael Imber, Gary Justiss, Steven Mouzon, Eric Watson, Doug Farr, Martinez & Alvarez, Derrick Smith, Robert Orr, Charrette Team
Jason Comer, Town Founder
Ebsco Development Company, Birmingham, Alabama, Developer
DPZ Miami, Planners, Galina Tachieva, Project Manager
Marieanne Khoury-Vogt and Eric Vogt, Town Architects