Starr Sanford Design | Hacienda Lagunas | Chiriquí Panama


Hacienda Lagunas offers a regional vision for northeast Panama, by proposing the development of ten compact, walkable villages and the preservation of a significant proportion of open space and farmland. Villages sit on the site’s geographically significant points, linked by an extensive pedestrian and equestrian trail network which also connects to the lakes, mountain peaks, and coffee plantations. These natural areas will be preserved and enhanced, with the coffee plantation remaining operational, and the wildlife habitats set aside as preserves.

The settlements’ architecture is inspired by local vernacular precedents, and acknowledges the area’s cool temperature and breezes by using natural cooling strategies. Porches, galleries, and other outdoor covered spaces will offer protection from the rain and spaces for year-round outdoor gatherings. In addition, a significant portion of the buildings will be constructed with green, environmental building strategies, in order to minimize impact on the land and offer a model of energy efficiency.

Project Team
DPZ Latin America/Urban Environments Design Group, Planner
Starr Sanford Design, Conceptual Architectural Design, Charrette