Starr Sanford Design | Jindee | Australia



Jindee embraces the timeless principles of town planning and design and successfully applies two innovative design tools – the Transect model and Form-Based Codes – to achieve a distinctive and diverse urban landscape that responds closely to the natural environment, providing premium coastal land with extensive frontage to the spectacular Indian Ocean coastline. Jindee is carefully planned and designed to achieve an authentic seaside village that captures the essence of coastal living in Western Australia. It is an integrated coastal community providing a viable alternative to the pattern of urban sprawl prevalent along the Perth metropolitan coastline. Approximately 1,100 dwellings of various densities accommodated in the project enjoy access to the coast and a compact, walkable, mixed use coastal village. The coastal village is designed to respond to local community needs as well as become a prominent tourist, lifestyle and entertainment destination for the northwest region of Perth.

Project Team
Ludwig Fontalvo-Abello, Studio LFA, Town Planner and Urban Designer
Starr Sanford Design, Conceptual Architectural Design, Charrette
Beyond 3000, Developer
Greg Whyte and David Wee, Town Founders
Las Catalinas