Lost Rabbit | Mississippi


Lost Rabbit is situated on the Ross Barnett Reservoir northeast of downtown Jackson, Mississippi. The master plan includes three neighborhoods, each of which follows a distinct planning tradition. Newhaven, located in the central portion of the property, was inspired by Jackson’s Belhaven neighborhood and Mississippi’s gracious historic towns. The neighborhood includes a broad variety of building types including mansions, houses, cottages, townhouses, and carriage houses, along with a community center and pool. The main entrance to Lost Rabbit extends into Newhaven, branching into two greenway boulevards at a civic green, which has space reserved for a future school. One boulevard turns southwest, toward a large greenway and lake system, while the main artery leads directly to the reservoir, which is lined with a waterfront park.

Project Team
Starr Sanford Design, Conceptual Architectural Design, Charrette
Neopolis Development, Developer
DPZ Charlotte, Planner
New Urban Guild, Design Charrette
Michael Barranco, Architect of Record