SKY | Florida


Sky presents a new model for growth to inland Florida by advocating compact development and the preservation of farmland and open space in this predominantly rural area. Rather than consuming former agricultural land with sprawl, Sky clusters its development into villages and hamlets, offering compact and walkable communities within a greater natural and agricultural environment. Three villages are located along the perimeter of the site, linked by pastoral roads. These villages offer intensified development in limited areas, with commercial centers located within walking distance for residents. Smaller, courtyard-style homes are provided within the village centers, while larger Founder’s Farm lots border the roads, providing expansive views over the fields. These estate, or hacienda, lots can be partially utilized for agricultural purposes or equestrian activities.

Project Team
Starr Sanford Design Associates, Designer
White Starr Inc., Developer
DPZ Miami, Planner,
Galina Tachieva, Project Manager
Julia Starr Sanford, Town Architect
McGuireWoods LLP, Land Use Attorney
MAJOR Planning LLC, Planning Director
Zev Cohen & Associates, Regulatory Planning & Engineering